Wednesday, December 27, 2006

PS3..It is Here

My kids were very excited when PS3 was released, but I wouldn't spend the night waiting in line in front of Best Buy in the freezing wheather to get it. Well, those who got it did exactly that. Next day the salesman at best buy gave me a weird look when I asked if any PS3 are available. Several weeks passed by and no PS3 available anywhere. So the kids settled for the Wii. I thought that would actually suit me quite well as the Wii is half the price of PS3. So I headed to the store and there it was. A new shipment of PS3 arrived that day and 5 remaining. I grabbed one and headed home to the excited kids. I am not a video games fan but this thing rocks.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

متوّة الخال .... المصدر: وحيد

Monday, December 25, 2006

لعبة خطرة
لقي طفل بحريني يبلغ من العمر 12 عاما مصرعه عصر أمس وذلك بعد ان هوى من علو ثلاثة طوابق أثناء قفزه من احد أسطح العمارات في العدلية.وكان الطفل يحاول القفز إلى سطح عمارة مجاورة اعتاد وزملاؤه القفز منها واليها إلا انه فقد توازنه وسقط يوم أمس ما أدى إلى وفاته في موقع الحادث على رغم جهود إسعاف مجمع السلمانية الطبي لإنقاذ حياته حيث تعرض لنزيف داخلي وإصابة بليغة في الرأس. هذا وقد بدأت شرطة أمن العاصمة تحقيقا في ملابسات وفاة الطفل
أنتهى الخبر.. ومعه انتهت حياة طفل في مغامرة لا معنى لها, ولا طائل ورائها وأنتهت بمأساة.
وما يغيض أن مغامرة القفز الأخيرة لم تكن الاولى بل كانت الاولى التي فشلت. ومعها فشلت محاولة أنقاده
أين الأهل من هذه اللعبة
وهل نحتاج لمأساة تذكرنا بابجديات المسؤولية؟

The Grill
Mahmood asked to show you mine . photo taken today by ME

Thursday, December 21, 2006

ملا أحمد بن حسن أبو العيش
طيبة تمشي على قدمين
أرضعته أمه حب الحسين
فعشق المراثي
وابكت عيناه كربلاء
لم يرى في الاخرين الا أحسن ما فيهم
كأنه في زمن لامكان فيه للكذب
لامكان فيه لكره أو ضغينة
زمن غير الذي نعرف
أحب كل الناس فاحبوه
وغاب عنهم فافتقدوه
فقد كان طيبة تمشي على قدمين
يرحمك الله يا أبا محسن

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Winter in Ramadan

I was surprised when Ali told me that they are working on two Ramadan songs in the 6th grade Orchestra; Winter in Ramadan and El Hawa Fi Ramadan. He asked if I know them, I shock my head. I told Him I know Ramadan Gana (here it comes Ramadan) but he was not iterested in that one.
In the same week, Hesham came with lots of 9th grade homework about Hajj, an assignment to conclude commandments for muslems from 24 Quran verses and prophet last speech . It was a good apportunity for me to work with him and discuss issues that we seldom talk about in a structured way. Anchorage school district; thank you.

Friday, December 08, 2006

-It's nice weather today
I said to my wife as I got home from work
-That is exactly what Hesham said as he came from school.
-Then the weather must have been really nice

Did I forget to say that the temperature was 34F (1 C)!
See, it is all relative.

Yes.. It was Hacked

Screen Shot taken by Me

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Homer: as beautiful as it gets. Can you spot the runway?
Photo taken by ME

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Light house: picture taken by me

Moose At My Doorsteps

I got a call at work from my wife:

-There is a moose at the door, what shall I do?

-Small one?

-No, its huge

-Doing what?

-Setting and chewing something


-So, what shall I do? call animal control?


-So what do you suggest?

-Get your phone and ......take a picture

Picture taken by Nadia using Nokia phone

Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Catch of the Day, Yammy Halibut. Photo taken by ME

Fishing in the ocean: Photo taken by ME