Tuesday, May 08, 2007

ان حلبت من الله
قرأت مقال فريد عيسى المنشور في جريدة الوقت وفي مدونته حول الطبوب والاحجبة
وحول أحجبة أتضح انها تحمل عبارات لا تخلو من الطرفة.
وأضيف هنا.. أن صاحب بقرة ذهب الى الملا يطلب حجابا لبقرته التي توقف ادرار حليبها, فأعتذر مبينا أن ذلك لايجوز ولا ينفع. ولكن صاحب البقرة أصر ورفض الذهاب دون حجاب يحل الموضوع. وتحت اصراره كتب له حجابا وعلقه على رقبة البقرة فجاء الحليب مدرارا. وأثارت فعالية الحجاب الفضول لفتحه وحينها وجدوا فيها عبارة" ان حلبت من الله... ما حلبت جهنم

Saturday, May 05, 2007

How to catch a cell phone thief

- A cell phone thief was caught by police in Germany using a very effective lure. Simply the police dialed the stolen cell phone and the thief received a prize that he could not resist. "Congratulations, you won a six packs of beer, we need your address for immediate delivery"
The police arrested the thief who was counting minutes for the arrival of the six packs.


Picure Source: Anchorage Chamber of Commerce website

It is cleanup time!
Now the snow has melted, the not very pretty surface uncovered. Over the long winter months, garbage accumulated on the sidewalks and and more snow covered it all. The snow is a beautiful cover to any city. And the pure white covers it all.
Over the last 2 weeks, a very active and a very dedicated groups of volunteers of all ages have been cleaning up the city sidewalks and Parks. Those are people from different backgrounds and professions. You can see the whole family volenteering including little kids. This is a yearly event in Anchorage around this time.
My son Ali (12yrs), along with all the 6th graders in his class, will start today a 3 day cleanup "project" for Campbell Creek Park. He is getting ready with work gloves and and a lunch box like any hard working volenteer.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Cock inlet: photo taken by me