Monday, August 21, 2006

DipNetting.. An Alaskan Expereince

This is my fist time trying it. It is pretty cool!. It is an exclusive for Alaska residents only. So, sorry tourists, you are not allowed to do this. Using a dip net with a diameter of 4-5 ft and a long handle (25Ft) and a wader, you get into the ocean and just dip your net and wait for the salmon to get entangled. Once you feal the big shake twist your net and pull to the shore. At the shore you need to smack the salmon on the head to cause traumatic brain injury that will make the fish more co-operative!
Here I am doing exactly that. Actually I over did it and hit the poor fish repeately on the head till I heard someone shouting "are you making fish burger over there?"

Seagull and fish heads

The shores of the ocean are packed with these seagulls. They get attracted to places where fishing is going on. Most people will clean up the fish at the shores which leaves behind plenty of fish heads for these birds. They make the place look pretty, but they are very very noisy.