Friday, November 23, 2007

It is not just a basketball game

Giant Pistons mascut flying remotley controlled to go around and around

Stand up time and beautiful singing of the national anthem

Cheer leaders, they got the most cheering

If you are ugly, you'd better by funny and they were

After the cold wellcome for the knicks came the hot and

flamming wellcome to the Pistons, it was literally flamming

More of the above

Free Pizza, Any one?

That was followed by free Turkey.. Happy thanks giving

Mohammed played really good

Russian bar was amazing

free balloon

the Game was goooood

Piston's Muscot having fun with Hesham

Kissing Time.. If you are on the screen gotta kiss!

Yeah, Piston won 98/86

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The $700 tickets!

I don't think I will ever pay $700 for tickets to attend one sport event. But I will gladly accept it as a gift! It was a VIP seatings with crew parking.. I think my family will have a great time watching Detroit Pistons Vs New York Knicks.