Saturday, August 01, 2009

Nothing efficient very Efficient

Nothing efficient is the name of the band. I have strong feeling that the name was made up by my son Hesham. He was initially playing the Clarinet and he made it to the school advanced band. Then he decided to switch gears and learn Guitar. The clarinet was put aside to collect dust. Last summer he gave us the news that he formed a band, more precisely a rock band. The band was made of four, a lead guitarist Rocky, the Drummer Andrew, the Vocalist Jamar and the Bassist Hesham. They write their own music and they are pretty good. The band members are quite diverse in their ethnic origin. A vietnamese, an african american, a half american half hispanic and finally a middle eastern. They have attracted attention where ever they play.. I found myself attending all of their GIGS and with that I learned some of the lingo...(gigs for example!!). Today they had a gig in a car show. I leave you with this picture for the band doing their thing and one of their originals. Hope you like it.. If you want to hear more search youtube for nothing efficient and visit their web site at

This is a really hard song "Back in Black" by AC/DC and I think they did a good job playing it.. Jamar was remarkable