Saturday, January 06, 2007

I Caught What Killed Steve Irwin!

It is the spine sticking out of this seemingly harmless creature that pierced the chest of the crocodile hunter.

I did not realise that this creature can be dangerous. The skin on the back is very rough. It is a struggle to pull on of these out. This one got released as I was disappointed to see it instead of the yummy halibut.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Plane Ride

Pilot says it time for take off
Toddlers screaming their heads off
They scream because they decide not to wear there seat belt
After your 2 hour delay thanks to delta
you wait 10 more minutes from the foolishness from the kids
Take off comes you chew your gum faster and faster
To prevent the popping ears while take off
You also get a head ache not from the flying but from the baby a seat in front of you
You moan you snarl while the baby cries and cries
The seats are uncomfortable economy class is to blame
You beg for an upgrade to business class
While your face is crushed against the window from the Fat Man
The air is stale like breathing in a bathroom in a 40 year old broken down desolate house.
The food finally comes you hope it’s edible then question pops up chicken or pasta
I choose the pasta
Tastes like rubber you tell your self its still food
Now you’re on your 12th hour of flying you try to sleep
you try but you never manage
Once you reach your final destination your week gets ruined
because of one thing flying jet lags the worse part of all

Ali Salman , 11 yrs.

The Grill .. take II

One more week this thing will disappear..Picture taken today by ME

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Nice People..everywhere

Hospital Cafeteria: A month Ago
I ordered my daily morning 16 oz americano, got my wallet out to pay..
- No, it's on the house
- Oh, really. Why is that?
- You're always nice to us
- Oh, thanks

Tire place: A week ago
I took my snow thrower to the tire place as one of the tires got deflated and slipped out of the rim and my attempts to inflate it back in position failed.
- I am not sure if you do this but I could not fix it
- let me see what I can do
After struggling with it for 15 min he got it fixed
- Yes, it is fixed
- Oh, thanks. Who much I need to pay?
- Nothing
- But you had a hard time with it
- Have a Marry Xmas
- You too

McDonald's Drive through: last night
- Hi, May I take your order
- Just a cheese burger with small fries
- No drinks
- No
I paid and waited for the "fast food"
- Sorry for the delay, the fries are not ready yet
- It' OK
He handed me the food with a drink
- I super-sized the fries and added a drink on the house, sorry for the wait
- You don't have to do that, thanks

All of them did not have to do that, but all did. There are plenty of nice people around us.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

لم تخسر بل نحن خسرناك

خبير بلغة الصفر والواحد.. اللغة التي لا تقبل الجدال.. اللغة التي اجادها العالم الاخر فانطلق واهملناها فتعثرت خطانا.
لعله المرشح الوحيد الذي تصدرت الارقام لوحاته. فهو أكثرنا فهما بها والاقدر عل استخلاص معانيها.
نحتاج مثله لنرى ابعد من الالوان البراقة للبروشر ومثله للخروج من متاهة الارقام الى الى ارض اكثر صلابة
ابراهيم شريف..لم تخسر بل خسرناك .

Baby Jesus.. Eskimo Style!

Was Jesus black? well, the Eskimos have a different openion
Picture taken by ME.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Eid Mubarak And Happy New Year

Card made by Ali Salman, 6th grade class activity