Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I had it with Anna Nicole Smith!
One thing that I missed during the vacation was the news. At first I thought it would be a real vacation from the headache that come with the news. But two days later I started searching for the news on CNN and Fox but all what was there was Anna Nicole Smith tragic death and the court proceedings with a strange judge for where to bury her. Finally, she is going to be buried in the Bahamas next to her son. Her story can be summarised by a pretty blond with no much education or class who goes into modeling, gets married to a 100yrs old billionaire. Guess what would 100 yr old man do next, yes you guessed right, he dies. So she gets into court for the inheritance and come out only 500 million richer. And what would 500 million do to a young blond, pretty and stupid woman? In her case it first killed her son with drug overdose then killed her most likely in the same manner. Now, what makes her story circus is the fact that 6 men are claiming to be the father of her 6 month old baby. Interestingly, including someone who has been in prison for the last 2 yrs. The fact he was in prison did not stop him from claiming parenthood as he claimed that he gave a "sample" to Nicole prior to his incarceration which she could have frozen and used it later!
So major TV channels were digging into every detail and interviewing everybody and anybody day and night about the subject. CNN even had a report on " could your fridge be a window to your personality" in which they reviewed what was in Anna Nicole fridge when she died and its significance!
I just had it with the story, but switching to other channels does not help. I missed Aljazeera, Al Arabiya and endless arguments on the Lebanese channels. For now switching off the TV and enjoying the nice sunny weather of Florida is the way to go.


At 8:34 AM, Blogger Abu Sinan said...

I hated the coverage of her death. I couldnt help but thinking "so what"?

Didnt they have better and more important things to cover?

You ought to get Dish Network there, you can get al Jazeera, LBC, NBC, Dubai, Nile TV, all of the Arabic channels you want.

Here the cost is only $40 a month, an extra $10 if you want the new video channel that is being put out by LBC or ART, I forget.


At 12:57 AM, Blogger Haitham Salman said...

Salam Abu Sinan,
The roof of my house has 3 dishes.. one for regular channels, one for the arabic package and one for free to air channels..
I think I am the only one here with 3 dishes!

At 5:57 AM, Blogger Abu Sinan said...

Hah, you sound like a lot of us around here. At first we thought to get the only free to air channels, but most of those are state run types and not much fun.

I like LBC, ART and some of the others. I am a big fan of Arabic music, so I love the videos.

However, I get so sick of the Egyptian soap re-runs that I almost want to vomit!



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