Saturday, July 29, 2006

Wininig Wesleyan University Under 1900 Rating

I had really good time visiting Texas even though it was the wrong time of the year. I left the comfort of 60 F to the discomfort of 110 F of Dallas. It was nice seeing old friends in the hospital where I trained. I was offerd a job 5 minutes after saying hi!
I was glued to the TV watching the unfolding tragedy of the war against Lebanon. This trip did not take these immages out of my mind as I contiued to flip the TV between the annoying coverage of Fox to less annoying coverage of CNN.
On 22nd I played at the Wesleyan Univesity Table tennis tournment at Fort Worth. 100 players participated including the USA national Junior team and a number of USA top players. I had 2 days table tennis camp at the university with coaching from the Jesna Reed who is an Olympic Medalist in table tennis ( this women can samsh really hard). She told me that I should win the under 1900 category of the tournment "I don't know any one under 1900 rating who can beat you" Jasna Said to me.
I did not disappoint her.. I won the under 1900 rating title after a difficult game 3/2. That is my first win of a title outside Alaska and I was excited about it.


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