Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A big achievement for Two Bahraini physicians

Two Bahraini physicians received the faculty teacher of the year award in two different hospitals. Dr. Osama Al Aradi, a brilliant gastroenterologist was awarded in Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan. This took place around the same time another brilliant bahraini physician received the exact award in another hospital. Dr. Adel Ebrahim, a general and transplant intensivist, received his award from Integres Baptist Hospital in Oklahoma. Both physician trained in the US and were shining stars in their residency fellowships. Both returned initially to Bahrain, Salmanyia Medical Complex to serve, faced a numerous obstacles. The first was the ministry of health insisted on having them serve as residents and not as consultants in their specialties for a year till they get evaluated! Both fought fiercely for proper patient care and provided highest standards of care while serving in Salmaniya. Both found themselves meeting each other in Salmanyia long corridors Long after all the consultants left for their nap and private clinics after they squeezed lemon on the Safi ( tasty fish). Both found themselves working 4 to 6 hrs extra everyday to care for their patients. Both did rounds on every weekend in the hospital. Despite their excellent patient care, their interest in teaching residents and students they were never appreciated. Both of them found themselves swimming against a big current of carelessness were self interest of those in power in what matter and not the patient care. Dr. Adel Ebrahim who was admired by resident and students and was much appreciated by the patients and their families was labeled as "the trouble maker" by the administration for continuously and relentlessly fighting for his patients and asking for proper drugs and equipments. They even annexed the ICU to another department to prevent him from becoming the chairman! Around the same time and with out joint planning, both came to the same conclusion; leave or join everybody else lose yourself and focus. Both left the US.
" strange! they awarded me for doing 10% of what I used to do in Salmaniya!!" Dr. Alradi said.
When the minister of health was asked by the parliment about the size physcian immigration she answered " it is only three greedy doctors"
You now know two of them. The third one is ME, but we are not 3 we are 14 and more to come!


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