Thursday, May 25, 2006

Its green again

Within 10 days the color of the city has changed. The ugly brown grass rapidly changed into beautiful green. And it is getting greener each day. The weather is beautiful, with temperatures hitting 75F (24C), it is time for outdoors. You could see the pace of the city changing, people are in a better mood, everybody is out doing something. Cycling and running are favored around my neighborhood. Following Mahmood foot steps I started some gardening work in my back yard. I have planted 3 apple trees last summer and hope they survived the harsh Alaskan winter. I think it will be another season before they give me some apples. With the summer come the long, really long days which are getting longer. The Fajer prayer is 2:30 am while isha prayer time is 1130 pm! I don't mind long days, but it is hard to convince kids to go to sleep while it is still bright outside at 1130 pm. If Ramadan Comes in the summer some people here could die of hunger.


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