Sunday, March 12, 2006

Painful Art; Young, Talented and in Pain

Postage Stamp Series has been designed by the famous Haitian born Artist Hertz Nazaire, whose Sickle Cell Pain paintings are known and featured worldwide in a range of products from fine art prints to medical book covers, these pain images have helped in the education and awareness of Sickle Cell Disease for many years.Sickle Cell Pain Awareness Postage Stamps have been created to help in the on going fight to provide more awareness and understanding of what it means to live with chronic pain. Since the Artist himself suffers from this painful disease, he was able to fully express the deep sensation of drowning in pain; the images are truly amplified by the soulful sensibility of a gifted artist.

Very impressive, it makes you really feel his pain through art. He literally channeled his pain and suffering into incredible paintings. Art can be one way to see the suffering of sickle cell patients since most have decided not to hear their screams.

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