Saturday, February 25, 2006

Killed twice

The horrific escalation of events in Iraq continue to occupy my heart and mind. The slippery slope is quite steep. The events escalated in such speed and violence that it was hard to count the dead. One events that seemed to have summarized it all was the killing and re-killing of the news reporter Atwar. I say re-killing because after she was killed they shot her funeral killing more people. They really wanted her dead, very dead. Death is an event without grades or degrees. You can't be slightly dead or very dead, despite this the killers wanted her very much dead! And not only merely dead but really most sincerely dead. One thing jumps in mind, and this could be merely coincidental but never the less quite significant. Atwar came from a suni father and shia mother, killing her twice is an attempt to make sure such suni/shia unity is really and most sincerely dead.

Atwar, Yarhamuki allah, wa illa Janat al khuld ma al shohada wa al sidiqeen
يرحمك الله و الى جنة الخلد مع الشهداء و الصديقين