Thursday, February 23, 2006

Taliban in our Parliment!

It is amazing how wasteful and strange some of the discussions and suggestions in the parliment are. Al Saidi, who now got the official title of "the contriversial" prior to his name, as if this some sort of a degree! He brought up the issue of stopping people in Bahrain from cursing Yazeed. He went own to explain the both AL Hussain and Yazeed are muslims 'eventhough the later killed the former' and it is against muslim teaching to curse.. the other issue is Yazeed is Kaliph so he is to be obayed.. etc. I don't think I waste more of my time reciting his meaning less points on this topic.
Another interesting topic raised by this highly intellectual creature was; how come the leaders of the opposition political societies are set free to incite revolutions and disobedience to King or the way he put it "to the care taker".. He added that officials will be brought to the parliment for questioning for not doing their duties of silencing and handcuffing those leaders! I am just speachless..
Flash back.. discussions about religeous police following the remarkable success in neighboring country! followed by the typical agenda and list of topics.. separation of female and male students in the universities and dress codes ..etc
One more step.. this one is realy big and it takes us closer and closer to Taliban. Cutting hands of theives! and like taliban they added that it will be done in a professional way.. that is doctors will do it! They already got 14 members of parliment to sign this change in penal code and working on getting more. And to make it possible they made sure to exclude the real thieves! so only those who do the break ins included.. that is the smaller thieves. They clearly stated that other forms of thifts are not included so that the officials do not have to fear losing their skilled hands. So if you want to steal, steal big and do it like a well-respected member of society.

In taliban times, they forced doctors to perform the nobel duty of cutting the hands. The minister of health has done few himself and stated that it did not require MD, MBBS or MBchB.

A friend of mine, who is lately very actively searching for investment apportunity, suggested to invest into reconstructive and mircovascular surgery to reattach severd hands.

It is sad to see the struggle for a parilment ended with this.


At 5:24 AM, Blogger Cerebralwaste said...

Welcome to the blogosphere!

At 6:43 AM, Blogger SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Sigh! You are right and you sum it up in your last sentence: It is a shame that the struggle for a parliament ended with this 40-member circus!

The question is WHY? Weren't there enough capable men and women in Bahrain to fill up 40 vacant seats, get a new Mercedes, a fat paycheque, a status and not make fools out of us and our country?

I will not be at all surprised if history shows us one day that the so-called opposition was sleeping in the same bed with the government, when they called for boycotting the elections. ..for all that this uncalculated move did was alienate people from the decision-making process, not that the current parliament under the current constitution has real powers.. but that is another argument altogether.

We are also a society blinded by racial prejudice and hate. We will not elect people to parliament, if they aren't our "type". The Sunnis will vote for the Sunnies while the Shia will vote for their type, regardless of who is the better man or woman for that matter is!

Rants aside.. welcome to the world of blogging, an experience, I am sure you will immensely enjoy as you are more likely to interact with a lively audience with a spectrum of ideas and opinions.

We are a bunch of crazy people who have nothing better to do that talk to our PCs!!


At 11:39 AM, Blogger Haitham Salman said...

Thanks for the encouraging remarks, you speak my mind with your comments and I see similar thought process, I wellcome your comments I will peak on your blog today


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