Saturday, February 25, 2006

Bahraini in Alaska

Science fair, lone star, drag show and a band called shorties

Had to take my son today to the University on my way to work. He did a tower weighing 120 grams and need to be tested in the engineering lab to how much weight it can take before it breaks. Interestingly it took 1241 lb then the glue came apart and collapsed, not bad at all. Went back to pick him up and there he was talking to what looked like a cutie! As I approached it turned out I miss-judged the gender. Well, it is an honest mistake I am not totally responsible for. The kid had really long hair. I introduced myself to him and his mom. Both kids decided to participate on other project that are held on the spot. Shake and break and egg drop to name few.
His mom bent to pick up something and there were few conditions that I was , again, not responsible for; I happened to be right behind her at that moment, she happened to wear low waist jeans or I guess they are also called hip huggers along with low cut T-shirt, also I am not sure whether the fact I had Lasik done and now I have better eye sight was a factor or not, Anyway I saw, the lone starTexas map tattooed on her lower lumbosacral area, well, using less complicated term it was on her butt!.. "So, you're from Texas, I used to live there as well". That would be the exact wrong thing to say, so I kept quite and kept my remarks to myself.
We had to walk through a long corridor to get to the next station. Typical of any American college there were plenty of ads and bulletin boards, so we all made frequent stops to look at them. This one says "Join us, Big Drag Show".."What it is a drag show?" I asked. " It is a cross dressing contest" The (now I know) Texan mom replied..Her son saw an opportunity and decided to go for it "this would be a good contest for you to try" said her son to my son and giggled. Yes, I know I should give my son a chance to come up with something as we both were losing, but few seconds all what I could spare! "I think it is a good contest for you to win" I replied.. Then..Silence..I felt sorry for saying this. I think that was right below the belt, but he started first..Oh now I am thinking like them!
Well, more ads, maybe I will find something to even out the score, I was way up, I thought to myself. And, there it was, a band by the name of "the shorties" were advertising.. I said "if that all what it takes I guess I can join this band".. He smiled "now we are even" I added..


At 10:35 AM, Blogger Abu Sinan said...

Drag shows seem common in Alaska. In the town I worked in they had one every year at the local bar.

At 10:52 AM, Blogger Haitham Salman said...

Abu Sinan,
That was new to me, not that I will go to see it.


At 1:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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