Thursday, April 06, 2006

Three Greedy Doctors
It is something we do best. First to deny that there is a problem. And if there isn't one, there is nothing we need to do about it. And this is one thing we love doing; nothing. If denying it did not really work well, then next in line option is to make it look small, trivial and insignificant, so much so it is not worthy of the time or the effort to look into or even mention it. This approach was the one chosen by ministry of health regarding the immigration of Bahraini physicians. In her answer to questions from MPs Dr. Hafad finally acknowledge that 3 greedy doctors lift Ministry of health and immigrated, so it is a small number and they were greedy; case closed. Who need 3 more greedy physician? Well to start with those are not 3, the number is 10, and 4 more on the way. So we have more than 10 greedy physicians. That is another problem. I think we should add anti-greed course to their curriculum in the medical school, a good place would with the ethics. So there is no problem with the ministry of health and the hospital administrators who want those highly specialized physician to work like trainees, no problem with the unhealthy atmosphere. All of that is perfect it is just about the money. The ministry of health admits that it could not recruit a single qualified consultant to work in the ER even with a salary that is close the her Excellency, yet they don't care about losing highly specialized physicians with American boards in much needed specialties. The same "greedy" physicians that the MOH does not care about are being welcomed all over the world. It is hard to work and provide a good service when you are frustrated, not appreciated, not supported and underpaid. Previously the MOH counted on "oh they are Bahrainis, they will never leave, we can humiliate them as much as we want, whenever we want". Will that is not true any more. Bahraini physicians are willing to go as far as Alaska and not be frustrated, humiliated unappreciated and underpaid.